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Mechanisms used to Balance The Work and Family Life by Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka

The number of women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka has significantly increased in the past few years and by engaging in various entrepreneurial activities these women have become more empowered and confident. The autonomy to make decisions in their business ventures has made them more self- confident within and outside the family. Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the importance of balancing the work with their family life. The purpose of this research paper is to identify how the women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka create a balance between their work and family life. The paper also aims analyse the mechanisms used by these women entrepreneurs during their day to day activities. The research intends to examine the support extended by the family members of these women, as family ties will inevitably have an impact on their performance. The research was conducted initially by conducting interviews with 155 Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs through a semi-structured questionnaire. The sample was chosen from a population consisting 400 established women entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka. At the latter stage, a few chosen women entrepreneurs were interviewed face to face to obtain critical insights. The key findings of the research study acclaimed that by balancing the work and family life the women entrepreneurs became more empathetic and in return were more emotionally stable. The discussion of this research paper will conclude that the existence of a supporting family will contributeto the success of the entrepreneurial ventures of these women entrepreneurs. Keywords - Women Entrepreneurs, Work-Family Life Balance, Sri Lanka