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Interaction of The SREB and EAEU in The Context of Energy Development Projects in Eurasia

There are three global energy problems for today: non-renewability of the main energy resources, distribution uniformity and the energy crisis of energy consumption and the environment, the solution of which requires immediate actionof the world community. Also there is, the insufficiency of our own raw material base and the necessity to develop an energy supply system predeterminethe region's dependence on energy-rich countries. In addition, a number of states remain subordinate to a limited number of energy exporters and supply stability, which does not allow them to ensure sufficient energy security and to develop energy efficiency and energy saving programs. Similarly, to the number of externalrisks could alsoinclude the volatilityfor energy resources intheirprices. The obvious increase in the role of energy policies of countries in the world policy and economy of each state, the global characterof energy problems, as well as the strongcompetition on the world energy stage, have put forward the energy factor and energy diplomacy asthe major issues at contemporarytime. This article considers the possibilities and risks of a new regional energy order creating and ensuring reliable distribution and security of energy resources in the context of potential energy cooperation between the integration unions - the EAEU - and the regional project - the SREB Keywords - SREB, EAEU, Energy Policy, Energy Cooperation