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Sociology, Crises of Identity and Global Insecurity

Sociology, crises of identity and global insecurity is to explore the place of sociology in the wake of global insecurity. Global insecurity has been an issue of global concern leading to crises of identity, the result of which is the proliferation of refugees across the globe. The concern of the founding fathers of sociology is to seek answers to the social crises that engulfed the society during the industrial revolution of the 18th and the 19th centuries. The resultant use of sociological knowledge and it application as the queen of all sciences (social science) to the understanding of the nature of society and proffer solutions to the lingering social crises is the foundation to which the discipline is rooted. The paper seeks to explore the place of sociology in the context of global insecurity in the 21st century using classical and contemporary sociological theories. The need to do a comparative study of the classical and contemporary theories is to explore the use of sociological knowledge in finding solutions to the global social crises. Classical theories like functionalist, structural functionalists and contemporary theories like modernization and liberal democratization are used to make a comparison between the developed and developing societies. The finding reveals a distinction between the two existing powers. The liberal democracy of the west, and the non- liberal practiced in the developing societies, leading to crises of identity and global insecurity across the globe. The need to adhere to the true tenets of democracy with equal representation and freedom of expression without impunity and intimidation is the concern of contemporary sociologists particularly in developing societies of Africa. Keywords - Sociology, Global Insecurity and Crises of Identity