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International Relation and Studies Collaborative Design Education in Iran

Many experts believe that architectural design studios in Iran have many serious problems . Some of these problems is related to teaching methods .The problems in architectural design education persuade the researchers and experts to find solutions in order to improve the quality of architectural design education . Some of the problems in educating architectural design that researchers mention are not enough skill for problem solving , not enough ability in self assessment , not enough ability in analyzing social and cultural contexts , no attention to the culture of societies , not enough attention to design theories and environmental perception . Therefore utilizing the different methods in pedagogy is useful in architectural design education. This research is qualitative and quasi experimental study. It is inductive research with regular data collection. In this study the students are all undergraduate students of architecture . It is inductive and first-degree data was collected, organized, and classified gathering data is via interviews and questionnaire. The conclusion proves this model increases ability the problem solving , understanding the design process and efficiency in education among architecture students . Keywords - Design Education; Architecture ; Collaborative Education; Collaborative Design Education