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A Study on Sensory Perception of Consumers for Packaged Beverage Products in Ahmedabad City

This paper explores the effect of the sensory cues on the consumers and perception of consumers of packaged beverages in Ahmedabad city. The study has adopted a quantitative approach with sample size consisting of 196 respondents to give empirical findings from the responses collected. Author investigates how product display and brand factors plays an important role in choosing the packaged beverages. Additional emphasis is among different age group of consumer, exploring varied demographic profiles in choosing the packaged beverages. Paper most importantly infers difference between taste and visual cues and its perceptions on consumers during shopping at any of the sales channel. Research suggests due importance to be given to all senses for impacting sales and brand loyalty continuity. Keywords - Beverages, Gustatory Cues, Product Display, Packaging Promotions , Sensory Cues, Visual Cues