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IKEA: From A Family Firm to A Global Enterprise

IKEA is a brand that has managed to conquer the global market in a comparatively short period by using exceptional communication and marketing strategies. From a family firm to a global enterprise, the journey of IKEA is something that needs to be studied as this can be a template that can be used by other small family businesses for bettering their business presence in the global scene. This paper attempts to study the strategies employed by IKEA to catapult itself from a position of a local business to a global conglomerate. Concepts such as marketing mix and branding related to IKEA will be analyzed for a better understanding. Through a qualitative approach, in this case, the IKEA case study, more material will be culled to answer questions related to the trajectory of IKEA as a global entity. Keywords - Marketing, Marketing Mix, Branding, Advertising, IKEA, Strategy, Family Business