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The Impact of Organizational Risks on Project Construction Delays in Dubai

The objective of this research is mainly to identify the different organizational risks that cause delays in construction projects in Dubai by using the mixed qualitative and quantitative research method. A survey was generated based on identification of different risk factors from literature review. The survey was distributed to people who work in the same field. After all data collected from the respondents, all data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and to establish the relationship between organizational risks factors and delays of contraction projects. Reliability and correlation analysis were applied to inspect the significance of risk factors towards construction project delay. The results of the study show that there are various organizational risks, which affect the delays of construction projects in Dubai. The findings indicated that strategic risks factors, reporting risks, operations risk, compliance risks and regulatory risks have positive correlation with the factors of constructing project delays. However, the degree of strength and reliability of the correlations between these risks and the construction project delays vary, with all risks, excluding compliance risks; have weak to moderate positive or linear correlation with project delay. Compliance risks have moderate to strong positive correlation with construction project delay The research reveals that the delays of construction projects in Dubai can still be addressed and resolved through implementation of effective strategies and initiatives by top management of local entities and companies. Furthermore, the different risk factors identified can be mitigated through various strategies. Keywords - Business Management, Construction, Project Management, Risk Management.