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Searching for Deterministic Chaos in Fuel Cell Voltage Variability

Fuel cells are very complex systems to model because of the diversity of components and the intricate relations among them. There is a diversity of complicated models with many parameters and variables that make difficult their understanding, simulations and control. In this work we present a new and different approach to empirically model the fuel cell dynamics with a nonlinear dynamical system obtained from a time series of measurements of the fuel cell voltage. This method generates models of complex systems with potential chaotic behavior depending only on the information contained in a time series of measurements. However, real experimental time series have information limitations and different sources of contamination. Therefore, a final nonlinear dynamical model of fuel cells is still a challenge depending on a fine tuning between experiments, simulations, model parameters and the identification of the sufficient state variables of the complex system. Keywords - Deterministic Chaos, Fuel Cells, Complex Systems, Time Series Analysis, Renewable Energy.