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The Impact of Covid-19 towards Community-based Tourism: The Case Study of Koh Kret Community

In this study, the researcher aimed at assessing the impact of COVID-19 towards Koh Kret community in the economic and social aspects. The main objectives of this study: 1) To study the tourism situation in Koh Kret 2) To analyze the impacts of Covid-19 towards the business of community-based in Koh Kret 3) To study how the community-based tourism adjusting and handling themselves to the new normal life. The data collected under the purposive sampling method with the number of 16 interviewees from Koh Kret community members. This research utilized the qualitative method with semi-structured interview and non-participant observation. This research highlights the identification of positive and negative impact to the community-based tourism. The researcher found out that Koh Kret community got directly affected by the impact of COVID-19 both social and economic aspects and community’s member are likely adapted their lifestyle according to these impacts. Keywords - Koh Kret Community, COVID-19 Pandemic, Community-based Tourism, Social Impact and Economic Impact