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Cross-cultural Analysis of Decision-making between Thai and Chinese Consumers

This paper presented a case study of the purchasing decision of Bird’s Nest products as implemented by Thai and Chinese customers through social media, WeChat, by using Hofstede's cultural dimension theory of long-term orientation versus short-term orientation (LTO) to make a cross-cultural comparison regarding their perception and decision making about Bird’s Nest products. The findings revealed a significant difference of the LTO on decision-making regarding their purchasing of Bird’s Nest products between the Thai and Chinese customers. However, there was no significant interaction effect between nationality and the LTO on the customers’ decision-making regarding the purchasing of Bird’s Nest products. Moreover, most respondents agreed that Bird’s Nest products were good for health and immunity systems in the long run, and the price was not considered an important factor of decision-making. Keywords - Bird’s Nest Products, Consumer Perception, Cultural Analysis, Purchase Decision