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Life Skills and Business Incubation System in Entrepreneurship Training Model on Youth Human Resources Development Programs

Entrepreneurship training is a strategic program to develop human resources professionally due to business competition. It needs to build a life skills-based human resource development model and an incubation business system. Entrepreneurship program for youth is an effort to raise awareness and empowerment to provide efforts and a boost for the growth and development of mental attitudes, patterns of thought and motivation for entrepreneurship by developing existing business ideas. Empowerment is carried out through the provision of education, training and counseling on entrepreneurship. The training, education and counseling provided must go through the needs analysis stage so that the training and education provided is right on target. This qualitative research aims to prepare based youth human resources development model through a life skills and incubation business system. Data inductively analyzed in a participatory action approach to eighteen technical implementers in Banten Province, Indonesia. The developed model in a partnership program is recommended for formal government institutions, academics, and industries to enhance a sustainable business process. Keywords - Youth Human Resources, Partnership Programs, Entrepreneurship Training, Life Skills, Business Incubation System.