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A New Approach for Hangul-Based Representation of English Pronunciation Combined with Smartphone Apps: With a Focus on Enhancing Students' Listening & Speaking Ability in Vocational High Schools in Korea

In this study, a novel learning method for English using Hangul-based phonetic alphabets has been suggested for English classes in vocational high schools of Korea with the focus on enhancing students’ ability to listen and speak English with less difficulties. In the suggested material, pronunciation of English vocabulary is represented by only Hangul combined with specifically designed symbols for certain pronunciation, which could help students listen and speak English words muchmore easily. Also, by using the STT (Speech-To-Text) and TTS (Text-To-Speech) features of the smartphone, students could easily practice pronunciation in a self-directed manner and check how close their pronunciation is to those of native speakers. Keywords - Smartphone-based, Hangul-based Phonetic Alphabets, STT(Speech-To-Text), TTS(Text-To-Speech)