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Design and Operation of Innovation-Oriented Logistics Clusters

Services, informatics and innovation are enablers that influence mainly the success of business logistics both on a regional level as well as on an international level. They have to be designed and operated having in mind that world trade flows are interconnected and require considerable resilience: Logistics has to ensure distributed production in a dynamic environment on a regional and on a global scale. In line with this, any special services, offered in particular logistics clusters as a competitive advantage, playan increasingly important role in world economy: new businesses, new distributions of tasks and new value-added services in international supply chain networks have occurred and will occur in future. Moreover, new innovative control philosophies for logistics operations based on the realization of Blockchain based autonomous decentralized cooperating systems will improve the logistics efficiency in the next years. These developments are confronted with present and future challenges on climate change as well as on security aspects. Moreover, a sustainable trade off between business and living, production and logistics has to be found in such logistics clusters. Knowledge management and knowledge labs between decision makers can support the quality of the design and of the sustainable operation of these relations, and by this of the innovative design and management of usual services and of smart services. Keywords - Knowledge Management, Logistics Clusters, Business Informatics, Innovation and Business Models