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Analysis of Factors Affecting Implementation Strategy and Their Effect on Success and Company Performance

The most recent comprehensive model of strategic management emphasizes the relationship between performance measurement and strategy implementation and strategy control as a dynamic unitary model. The literature study on various supporting factors for the strategy produces a number of complex factors that determine the success of strategy implementation. Previous research shows very different supporting factors and some of them cannot be applied in all types of organizations. This study aims to identify the capability factors supporting the success of cross-company strategy implementation, analyze the influence of quality implementation stages and implementation support capabilities on successful strategy implementation, and analyze the effect of implementation success on company performance. The research approach used is the Research and Development approach, with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The research was conducted at companies in various industrial fields in the city of Medan. The sampling technique used convenience sampling. The research data was processed using the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique of Smart PLS application. The results of the research show that the quality of the stages of strategy implementation have an effect on the success of the implementation. The capability supporting of the strategy have an effect on the success of the implementation. The quality of the stages of the strategy implementation influences the performance of the company. Keywords - Strategy Implementation, Supporting Capabilities, Corporate Performance.