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Academic Word List of Reading Part in TOEIC Sample Test

TOEIC test takers want to improve their English language skills in order to achieve a better score. Knowing the vocabulary is also an important part of increasing their score. Therefore, this research aims to examine the Academic Word List that appears in the TOEIC Reading part and to study the frequency of the vocabularies in each sublist of Academic Word List from the TOEIC sample test in the reading part of 60 sets. The researcher used AntConc, AntFileConverter and AWL highlighter to discover the frequency and the most common vocabularies in each sublist. The results showed that the first of the most frequency words in Academic Word List is „available‟ in 1st sublist. The second is the word „contact‟, which is in the 5th sublist, the third is the word „job‟, which is in the 4th sublist, and the vocabulary with the lowest frequency in Academic Word List is adjacent, which is in the 10th sublist. It appears that there are some words from the Academic Word List in the TOEIC test, which is the standardized English proficiency test. This allows people who want to test or increase their TOEIC scores to develop their vocabulary as well as to have some additional guidelines for studying vocabulary starting from the most frequent words in the Academic Word List. This may result in increased scores on the exam because test takers have better understanding of the words and the meaning of the reading passages. Keywords - Frequency, TOEIC test, Academic Word List.