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The Strategies for Translating Lyrics from English to Thai: A Case Study of the Soundtracks of Beauty and the Beast

This research aims at studying translation strategies used by translators in song translation and analyzing what kinds of translation strategies were most applied in the theme song lyrics of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” translated into Thai version by TaneePoonsuwan. The data in this research were 13 songs from the movie “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017 which were translated from English into Thai. In this research, Lefevere’s translation techniques were the main guideline for analysis. The results of the research revealed that the translator used 5 strategies to translate songs. The five topmost translation strategies are Metrical translation (49.3%), Interpretation (42.5%), Literal translation (7.1%), Phonemic translation (0.7%) and Rhymed translation (0.2%). The strategies of Blank verse translation and Poetry in prose were not found in this research. Keywords - Beauty and the Beast, Soundtracks, Translation Strategies.