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Outsourcıng (Fıeld Checker) Competency Assessment and Improvement Strategy as Substıtutıon for Oil & Gas Company’s Field Operator

PT.XYZ, an Oil and gas company, suffered from oil prices that fell in 2016. To maintain Company sustainability, one of the strategies is reducing operating costs such as changing the organizational structure, reducing the number of employees, and for job’s position that do not require high competence, partially will be replaced by outsourcing. The Field Operation Duri (FOD) is the department that manages upstream oil fields, with more than 70% of its employees being Field Operators, also impacted by IBUT, and having to lose 30% of its Field Operators, and growing with the number of retired employees and no replacement. From 2016 to 2020, the Field Operator will decrease 30%, and in the next year there will be 20% of Field Operators retiring with no replacement or new recruitment. For one year now, FOD has used an outsourcing / business partner to fill the Field Operator position in the Sumatran working area, with the name Field Checker. However, the competence of Field Checker did not develop as expected. decreased production and several minor accidents occurred several times, management needs to do something to overcome and mitigate the possibility of other bad things. This thesis aims to determine the level of competence of Field Checker to prepare the development program proper and efficiently, by providing an internal questionnaire. Planning competency development programs. Maintain the competency’s level by applying compensation for the performance and competence of Field Checker (Rewards and recognition). Keywords - Oil and Gas Company, Sustainability, Outsourcing, Competency, Assessment, Development