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Human Rights and Global Health Governance: WHO’s Actions under COVID-19

- In Today’s world, AI has become an essential tool for achieving and creating the unthinkable. It is helping in creating innovative solutions for almost every industry there is. In the wake of this ever-growing demand of computerised intelligence, what constitutes as an active research domain is how AI based intelligence can be interpreted and utilised by HR (Human Resources) from predictive analysis to automation. As the HR department is solely responsible for recruiting and bring valuable talent to the industry, it becomes essential that this task is done with maximum efficacy. Through this project, we intend to predict which employee would prefer a job change and which employee would stay in a company and hence, help assess the input resources required to put in an employee. In order to work on this, we propose using natural language processing, opinion mining and various widely used classifiers namely Random Forest (RF), Cat Boost Classifier, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and Naïve Bayes (NB). In future, this model can be improved further by incorporating more data. Keywords - HR Management, HR Analytics, Classification algorithms, and Model Validation.