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India and Homosexuality

Homosexuality is the most controversial topic of the day. When it comes to India, it becomes more important with the rising demand for legalizing same-sex marriage. Hence, it is essential to look deep into homosexuality, when it comes specifically to India. This research paper attempts to explain various aspects related to homosexuality. The study reveals that homosexuality is not something new and existed even in the past. Homosexuals suffer through isolation and depression due to rejection from society. This is changing but there is a long way to go. Keywords - Homosexuality, Stigma, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Psychosocial, Sexual Orientation I. INTRODUCTION Homosexuality is a relationship where a person develops sexual relations with a person of the same sex. Generally, homosexuality is usually looked down on by society, and homosexuals are ostracized. This research paper covers different issues regarding homosexual relationships. It will begin with instances of homosexuality in ancient and medieval times and cover the present scenario at the end. It also explains different problems homosexuals go through like depression, disclosing their identity, physical violence, societal rejection, etc. II. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This study examines the present state of homosexuals in India. It is entirely based on secondary data. All the information contained in this research paper is based on the review of already existent researches, journals, articles, etc. III. HOMOSEXUALITY IN INDIA THROUGHOUT AGES Homosexuality has