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The (i,j)-4 Γ— 4-Outflanking-Stab Game (OS game)

Let 𝑖,𝑗,π‘š, and 𝑛 be positive integers such that π‘š,𝑛 β‰₯ 2. An (𝑖,𝑗)βˆ’π‘š Γ— π‘›βˆ’Outflanking-Stab game is played on an π‘š Γ— 𝑛 board by two players: White (the first player) and Black (the second player). Each player has 𝑛 tokens, which can be moved like the rook in chess. White gets 𝑖 moves per turn, and Black gets 𝑗 moves per turn. There are two ways to capture oppenent’s tokens, which are outflanking and stab. A player wins when he makes the opponent cannot move any token or all opponent’s tokens are captured. In this paper, we prove that for the (𝑖,𝑗)βˆ’4 Γ— 4βˆ’OS game, White has a winning strategy if 𝑖 β‰₯ 4, or 𝑖 β‰  1 and 𝑗 = 1 while Black has a winning strategy if 𝑖 = 1 and 𝑗 β‰₯ 2. Keywords - Makneeb, OS Game, Checkers, Chess, Board Game, Multimove.