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Supply Chain Disruption Due to Covid -19 : Baseline Analysis and Implication for Governments and Businesses

It requires an immediate attention to the global economy to relook into reforming the economy to overcome these destructive influences of Covid-19.This research paper is based on the baseline analysis.The first part of this research paper is on the Consequence of Supply Chain Disruption for Governments and Businesses - COVID-19.In relation to PEST (political, economic, social and technological) analysis, the current condition of a country’s political, economic, social and technological highly impacted due to supply chain disruption. . In relevance to Politics, thecurfews and trade restrictions has congested the major ports worldwide which led to higher transportation risk.Due to covid-19, countries that were not able to cope with their economic problems such as higher unemployment rate. With regard to Social issues;inequalities exist among society due to racism towards theChinese looking Asians. Due to advanacement ofTechnology, businesses are adopting blockchain and Radio-frequency identification to improve the supply chain visibility. The second part of this research paperhighlightsImplications for Governments and Businesses - COVID-19; it is suggested for business and the communities to look intocollaboration or acquiring to complement the services, to also ensure an active involvement of top management, to introduce change management to make smarter choices and also to emphasize the importance of training to adapt with advance technology.Therefore, this paper concludes that in coming years, the condition of a country’s political, economic, social and technological will be highly influenced by the supply chain disruption. Keywords - Blockchain, Covid-19, PEST (political, economic, social and technological )analysis, Radiofrequency identification, Supply Chain Disruption