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Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on the Quality of Work Life of IT employees

The development of an organization relies on its labour pool. The employee must achieve his/her Quality of Work Life to bolster and prosperity in their organization. The IT employee from India has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in different ways. The lockdown has disturbed the work style of IT employees drastically. Majority of the IT employees tarts to work from home and few works from office. Few IT employees are sacked from the job during the lockdown period, this may give fear of Job security among the IT employees. This research is to understand whether the IT professionals are able to achieve Quality of Work Life during the lockdown period. This research was carried out at four IT organizations in Tamil Nadu. The result of the research observed that COVID-19 lockdown has a positive relationship with Quality of Work Life of IT employees. Though, IT employees face an affect during the lockdown, it was observed from the research that IT employees was able to achieve Quality of Work Life during COVID-19 lockdown phase. Keyboards - Career development, COVID-19, Job security, Work Life Balance, Quality of Work Life