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The Expertise of the Sociology of Organizations and the Leadership of the VUCA Method in the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis - What Roles, What Successes?

The world is characterized by rapid change and data overload, and the consequences are enormous; technology is changing our lives today: the creation and collection of knowledge, travel, music, communication, shopping, consumption, human relationships. Familiar concepts such as: (job, company, nationality, management, leadership, and culture) evolve into a new reality which corresponds to the changes brought by this new world. Therefore, businesses, administrations and NGOs must operate in change at the same speed, and constantly adapt the products and services they offer. These organizations are desperately trying to be proactive, to imagine what the world of tomorrow might look like and to continually develop new suitable products and services, as the world has become unpredictable. They need to change more fundamentally because they need new organizational structures, new business models, different employee profiles, different leaders, and different ways of interacting with each other. This communication deals with the subject of the expertise of the sociology of organizations and leadership in six countries groups around the world, in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, to illustrate the roles to act, and the scope of successes using VUCA Method? Keywords - Expertise in sociology, Leadership & Management, Times of crisis.