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A Study Of Organizational Commitment And Intention To Stay In Gold Retailer Business

One way to reduce the employee turnover rate and absentee rate in gold retailer business is to understand the reason why exiting employees still stay with companies. This study explores the factors influencing organizational commitment and intention to stay of non-family employees in gold retailer business, because non-family employees is important for this kind of business to expand. Factors included remuneration and reward, co-worker support, job satisfaction, and supervisor support. Data collected from 55 non-family employees in 14 gold retailers in Pathumyhani, Thailand. This study also analyzed by factor analysis, and multiple linear regression. The results showed two factors had positive influence on organizational commitment and intention to stay which are job satisfaction factor, and co-worker and supervisor support factor. This study also addressed the recommendation for gold retailers’ owner Keywords- Organizational Commitment, Intention To Stay, Remuneration And Rewards, Coworker Support, Supervisor Support, Job Satisfaction.