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Mono Air Suspension Fabrication In Two Wheelers

This topic aims at using bellow type air suspension in two wheelers, as we are very familiar with air suspension systems in luxury cars which have a very efficient and sophisticated suspension system which gives better control and cushioning effect. A similar system can be installed in motor bikes rear to increase stability and cushioning. The use of this system will have lot of advantages both technically as well as economically. The suspension uses air in place of oil that is used in conventional suspensions. The system will be having a fixed amount of air capacity and variation of the volume of air will vary the cushioning and the stiffness of the bellow as we can do in spring type suspension system. The bellow will consist of two valves one for air filling and other for regulating the pressure. In this system we will not be using a on board compressor as we can inflate the suspension in the same way as we do for inflating tyres. This will make the system simple to install and maintain. Also as we know the load carrying capacity of bellows is very high as they are also being used in heavy goods carrier and also have a long service life, again, the wall of bellow is very thick and has a negligible effect of weather or any external condition. Keywords- Bellow, Cushioning effect, On-board compressors, Valves.