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Recent Agricultural Crops and Govt. Support Inwest Bengal, India

Agriculture is one of the primitive professions of man. About 70% of the world's people are directly and indirectly dependent on agriculture. India is a major agricultural country. A huge part of the country is associated with agriculture. West Bengal is an agricultural state located in eastern India. About 72% of the people in this state are engaged in agriculture. Most of the economy of West Bengal and the whole country is controlled by agriculture. But now the agricultural people are suffering from various problems. This research work has been done for the purpose of improving the economy of the country by improving the agriculture by solving the problems of the farmers. This research work has been done mainly with the help of observation and survey method. Many primary data have been collected from different districts of the state through random sampling. In addition to highlighting the problems of farmers in this research work, various government plans and some important suggestions have been made to solve those problems. Keywords - Primitive professions, High Yielding Variety(HYV), Modern Agricultural Technology, Street Pattern Irrigation(SPI), Minimum Support Price(MSP), Kisan Movement, Crops Insurance, Gross Domestic Production(GDP).