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Using Underutilized Spaces to increase Urban Vibrancy in Nehru Place

Vibrancy refers to the liveliness of a place,vibrancy is an important component for making sustainable cities. High vibrancy helps build connections between the residents and their environment.Vibrant areas usually found in a diverse and dense setting areas that are self supporting. Increased diversity and density are positively related to urban vibrancy. Underutilized spaces refer to those spaces that are not being used to the full potential, these spaces are all around us but are often neglected.These spaces can be used to inject new programs to create a mixed land use.The paper revolves around measures to improve vibrancy by programming the existing underutilized spaces. This approach helps densify the city center and slows urban sprawl. Keywords - Built environment, Mixed use, Nehru place, Underutilized spaces, Urban vibrancy