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Factors Affecting Labor Productivity In Building Projects Of Pakistan

Productivity is dominating aspect in the construction industry, it encourage cost savings and effective utilization of resources. It is the most important concern in both developed and under developing countries. Pakistan a developing country is currently experience growth in its construction industry as well as facing problem like cost, time, quality and productivity in construction project. Objective of this research study is to identify and rank ‘factors affecting labor productivity’ in building projects of Pakistan. A questionnaire survey was conducted to record the importance of different factor that affect the labor productivity in context of Pakistan construction industry. The questionnaire comprised (38) factors classified were analyzed and ranked according to their relative importance index (RII). The analysis reveals five critical factors that negatively affect labor productivity are: Lack of Laborer experience, Low amount of pay, working seven days per week without taking a holiday, Drawings and specifications alteration during execution of project and poor relations between labor and supervisors. At the end of this study, some recommendations were made in order to effetely manage and minimize the major factors affecting the labor productivity in building projects of Pakistan.