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Comparison Of Different Heuristic, Metaheuristic, Nature Based Optimization Algorithms For Travelling Salesman Problem Solution

The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is widely studied problems in combinatorial optimization. Many researches were made for that type of problem. This problem is known to be the NP- hard problems that cannot be solve by conventional mathematical approach. It is also a sub problem of many areas. Different approaches are performing on it as a general test bench to find solution for NP-had problem. In this paper we study seven approaches like Genetic algorithm, Ant colony optimization, Simulated annealing, Tabu search algorithm, Self organize migration algorithm, Intelligent Water Drop and Memetic algorithm which used previously to get a solution which is optimal and comparison of these algorithm to determine certain aspects like nature of algorithm, time, number of iteration to solve this problem. Routing is always an issue in today’s world where a time efficient research is going onto it. Also we are going to present a new concept which is Genetic algorithm based, and it will give the solution to get best route in this problem within efficient time without repeating nodes. Keywords:-TSP, NP-Hard problem, Routing, Combinatorial optimization.