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Preparation for Career Opportunity for People with Autism

Abstract - Autism is one type of special-needs person about whom society truly understands far too little. More people are now able to recognize or locate people with autism. However, there is still a tiny percentage of autistic people who are able to work. As a result, this research is focused on the problem conditions, necessary requirements, and influencing factors, including preparing career opportunity guidelines. The problem was exacerbated by a lack of confidence in society, according to the rules for providing professional prospects for people with autism and the failure of many organizations to collaborate in coordinating the preparation process in order to generate employment opportunities. Support from family and others, as well as belief in one's own self-worth and talents, are all factors that influence job options for people with autism. The following are some guidelines to help with career preparation for people with autism: Collaboration between relevant departments is clearly integrated. From birth to the beginning of a career path, there is a major responsible unit and a comprehensive continuous support system in place. Keywords - Autism, Career, Preparation