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Development of Entrepreneur and Service Providers Career on Health Spa in Krabi Province

Abstract - This research aims to 1) study the actual conditions, problems, and demands for career development of entrepreneurs and health spa service providers in Krabi Province. 2) study Thai and foreign tourists' behavior, decision-making factors, and satisfaction in using health spa services. 3) conduct case studies and learn from successful health spa operators; serve as role models. 4) propose standard guidelines for the professional development of Krabi entrepreneurs and health spa service providers. This research was mixed methodology research. This quantitative study's population and samples included 13 health spa owners and a number of health spa service suppliers. Successful and role model health spa operators were 49 participants, 362 health spa tourists, and 5 qualitative research participants. Semi-structured data was collected. According to the findings, all 13 companies achieve five aspects of quality assurance for health spa establishments (2014) in actual operating circumstances. According to entrepreneurs, human resources and career paths, according to entrepreneurs, are the most difficult concerns to manage. The majority of tourists who pay for health spa services are men between the ages of 46-50, Thai nationals with a bachelor's degree. Occupational employees in private organizations earn between 30,001 and 40,000 baht per month on average. The majority of them have visited a health spa five times. Health spa services are used 1-2 times a month on average. For health care, they prefer Thai massage and muscle relaxation massage. They like to spend time at a place like the Hotel & Resort Spa. Each time the service is used, the average number of transactions is one. It takes two hours and costs between 1,501-2,500 baht. Tourists are aware of the factors that influence their decision to use a health spa. The users responded positively, and they were pleased with the current state of the health spa services. The highest levels are management and organizational management. And guidelines for career development, there are 11 topics entrepreneurial guidelines, consist of 1) It’ve determination, love and value of career 2) Make a systematic investment plan 3) Pay attention to spa standards 4) Build a network of cooperation 5) Promote marketing 6) It’ve a thai identity 7) Training Personnel training and development 8) Creating a progress path for employees 9) Adapting to changes 10) Upgrading quality and standards with rewards 11) Improving and developing services in accordance with user behavior. 5 topics service provider guidelines, consist of ) Have determination, have love and value of career 2) Continuous self-development 3) Professional ethics Maintain the image of health spa services. 4) Build a network of cooperation. 5) Adapt to keep up with changes and6 topics that belong to stakeholders in the health spa business guidelines consist of 1) Provincial Public Health Office strictly enforces the law 2) Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote health tourism and health spas 3) Krabi province prepares a provincial development plan that focuses on health tourism 4) Krabi Chamber of Commerce and Krabi tourism business sector Providing marketing promotion and public relations for health spa services. 5) Training institute for health spa service providers. Develop courses in accordance with the needs of enterprises and 6) government agencies should promote SME investment for spa businesses. Keywords - Development of career, Entrepreneur, Service providers, Health spa