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Authentication on Credit Card Processing

Abstract - Electronic commerce or E-commerce has always been a successful venture for enterprises who made improvement in their business technique to take their business online, providing transaction facility online on web is kind of challenging for users/customers. Though numerous mediums have developed for shopping over wide extent. Credit loan is popular way of purchase. We need to take help of some third party authority to gain credit. We cannot easily trust third party authority without undergoing background test. This necessity give rise to the purchase on credit. Many companies recently flourished in credit businesses. Factors such as cost of resources and land, risk assessment process their criteria and algorithms along with their processing complexities, concern related to security and safety of money. Credit can be granted as virtual money or in the form of physical cash. Ambition should be towards creation of error free credit allocation system with minimum or negligible security concerns. Keywords - Electronic/E commerce, Merchant e-commerce, Real-time Virtual Credit Card Processing System.