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The Antecedents of Customer Loyalty in the Café Industry: Physical environment, Service quality, Food quality, Beverage quality

Abstract - This study explores the mechanisms generating customer loyalty by focusing on beverage quality, a unique factor in the café industry. Specifically, the overall effect of the four dimensions of customer perceived quality (physical environment, service quality, food quality, and beverage quality) on customer loyalty is estimated the sum of the direct effect and the indirect effect through customer satisfaction and customer perceived value. SEM(Structural Equation Modeling)was used for hypothesis testing. Results showed that the overall effect of each dimension of customer perceived quality on customer loyalty is greater for physical environment, service quality, beverage quality, and food quality, in that order. This study suggests that the direct effect of customer perceived quality on customer loyalty should be considered, and that beverage quality should be separated from food quality and measured. Keywords - Café Industry, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Perceived Value