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A Comparative Analysis of Psychology Textbook Prescribed by CBSE, NIOS and ICSE for Grade XII

Abstract – Purpose:- This paper gives in depth study of NIOS,CBSE and ICSE board connection with psychology subject. This paper further suggests comparative analysis of psychology subject chapter, so that they can be reformulate with explanation and different exercises. They can learn about different theories of learning, motivation and adolescence for growth development with different testing and counselling and techniques also.Engaging in this social comparison has tremendous impact on our way of thinking, feeling and behaving, and even on the sense of who we are. This important new study, which synthesizes the latest theoretical and empirical developments in social comparison research, provides invaluable information on the role of this process of comparison as it occurs between individuals and between groups. It also considers, for the first time, how this process of comparison varies across cultures. New books can be formed with explanation and test with questionnaire. METHODOLOGY/DATAA/DESIGN/APPROACH:- This is an analytical and qualitative research paper that studies different boards of education and different chapters of psychology with different leaning. This paper also include framing of new curriculum of psychology subject with comparison of different educational board in INDIA. Analysis the book of psychology of grade 12th. So that there can be more diagram and testing with exercise or activities for students. So that student can learn the theories of emotions, personality and many more. FINDING:- A} CENTRAL BOARD OF EDUCATION (CBSE) (i) It is grading system. (ii) Grade from 1st to 5th have Social and Vocabulary progress. (iii) Grade from 6th to 10th pursue different subject that consist of Maths, science, social science, English and one language. (iv) Continues Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for grade 6th to 10th , access the goals for students in examination. (v) They conduct two main exams with certificate. B} NATIONAL INSTITUE OF OPEN SCHOOLING (NIOS) (i) Primary education mention opens basic education which is equal to elementary education. (ii) Secondary education has two bases with five subjects with one extra language. (iii) Senior secondary education gives opportunities for trade, science, humanities. (iv) Vocational training is controlled by NOIS board. (v) Students can take five years for completing their exams. C} COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (CISCE) (i) It gives attention to the text learning for practical and exercise for CBSE base and norms. (ii) It depends on the art and language. (iii) This board offers a range and significant selection of subjects than CBSE. ORIGINALITY/ VALUE:- In this I will compare NIOS,CBSE and CISCE with curriculum of psychology subject and make it analytic with theoretical concept. So that it can be accepted in the senior secondary education system. It gives a comparison of chapters of psychology books with different boards. So that students can learn psychology with real life experiences and presentation pf principles and theories. Example of downward social comparison. In this case, observing your friend’s poor skills actually makes you feel even better about your own abilities. Keywords - Personality, Motivation, Leaning Psychology.