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Automated Tool for Scheduling Cases in Judiciary

Abstract – Indian Judiciary is overloaded with pending cases. Currently there 3.9 crore cases pending in lower courts, 58.5 lakhs cases are pending in the various high courts and 70000 cases are pending in Supreme court. Using recent advances in computer science field we can help judges and court administration to look into long pending cases and schedule hearing. Machine Learning which is a type of Artificial intelligence can be used to train the software system to pick the pending and important cases and schedule a hearing at the court. In this paper, a model is proposed using Machine Learning which can help the judges and court administration to see the pending, important cases and schedule a hearing for the same. The new proposed model will select the pending cases based on the priority and the dates. Proposed model dynamically handles and learn the priority of the cases. It also handles the scenario where a particular case requires an urgent hearing. This model will help in completing the important or long pending cases which are not able to get a scheduled hearing. Keywords - Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning