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Reconsideration of Educational Capabilities and Other Crucial Factors at Recruitment Phase: A Mixed-Method Study of Foreign Workers in Malaysia

Abstract – Malaysia has witnessed an influx of foreign workers, mainly due to its rapidly expanding economy. However, low-skilled or uneducated migrants prevail in the labour market, which places immense pressure on the Malaysian economy. This study was aimed at identifying some crucial factors related to foreign workers requiring reconsideration at the recruitment phase. It was a sequential exploratory mixed-method study. Data were collected using qualitative (in-depth interviews)and quantitative (face-to-face surveys) methods. The study found that some recruitment factors should be reassessed, such as fixing the minimum educational qualification at the recruitment level, mandatory skill tests and compulsory pre-departure training for selected workers. The findings of this study will help in redesigning foreign worker recruitment policies. Moreover, the results will also assist in guiding the sustainable enhancement of workforce contributions to society and the Malaysian economy. Keywords - Low-Skilled Foreign Workers; Recruitment Phase; Educational Qualification; Skill Test; Pre-Departure Training.