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Teaching English Sentence Structure through Comics an Experimental Study: Law Students Tamil Nadu

Abstract - The essence of reading has taken the back seat after the arrival of mass media. Technology partly ruined the habit of reading irrespective of the multiple online reading such as kindle, storytel, reading blogs, etc. This pandemic gave another chance for the technology to fill in the life of the students and the physical movements was taken by technology. Finding the remedy to get back learning is through reading books. General reading of a story books not only build the character it helps to enrich vocabulary. Beard and Rhodes1 experimented comics with MS degree learners and the experiment proved that reading comics helped them to express their thoughts, anxieties etc. Generally many students including adults hesitate to spend time on reading books alternative source to get involved in reading is comics because it is in chunk with animations a delight for both mind and eyes. Esiner2study stated that usage of comics helped the learner to improve visual and verbal skill. This study focus on the introduction of comics to the law students for teaching sentence structure. As their profession is more of reading and understanding the cases of human, they must be trained with sentence structure. The experiment was carried with sixty students. The result proves that the students exposed to reading habit was understanding the usage of sentence structure and the creative level of writing skill is witnessed during the research. Keywords - English, Teaching, Sentence, Task, Experiment