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Agent Based Approach Of Item Response Theory

The North Central Province, the largest province in Sri Lanka, has encountered with various problems related to the education field. Gaining poor results in Mathematics in national level exams, especially in the Ordinary level, is one of them. Although the knowledge of Mathematics is very important to the Implementation of every stream of subjects, statistical data of the Department of Examinations reveals that more than fifty percent of candidates who sat for the Ordinary level Mathematics got poorer (W) grade. According to the survey conducted by the author, it reveals that the poor knowledge of Primary Mathematical Concepts is one of main reasons for this situation. Introducing Agent based computer solutions is one of remedies for this. In order to introduce such a system, it is necessary to make psychosomatic measurements of the students. Item Response Theory (IRT) is a commonly used for such measurements. To adopt Item Response Theory into Agent programming, it is necessary to introduce a new model with Item Response theory. In this paper, it shows how to introduce such model with Item Response Theory & use to develop Agent based algorithm on modified Item Response theory. Keywords- Agent, Approach, Implementation, Statistical, Mathematical Concepts, Psychosomatic