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The Effect of Country-of-Origin Image on Brand Equity for Sony Electronic Products in Bangkok

This study aims to identify the relationship between the brand’s country-of-origin image and its brand equity. This study also includes the relationship among the mediating variables of perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand association, and brand strength. The brand of this research is Sony electronic products in Bangkok, Thailand. Quota sampling was incorporated to collect the data from the respondents. Structural equation modeling was used to examine the relationships and AMOS was used to run the test. The findings reveal that not all of the relationships were significant. Brand awareness and brand strength were the two variables that did not have a significant relationship with brand equity. Most importantly, the study resulted in country-of-origin image has an effect on brand equity. This study further suggests that marketers should put more emphasis in developing the image of the brand’s own country and should be widely promoted to sustain in the market. Keywords- Country-of-origin Image, Brand Equity, Perceived Quality, Brand Loyalty, Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Strength.