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A Relationship Study Of Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Attribution, Organization Commitment, Motivation, And Performance: A Case Of Staffin Advertising Department Of A Press

Corporatesocial responsibility has become a center of attention from both corporate and consumer for the past few years. The purpose of this research is to study the relationship between CSR and other variables from employee’s perspective which will provide more knowledge regarding the relationship between CSR and consumer attribution, organizational commitment, employee motivation, and organization performance. The target populations in this study are the employee in the advertisement division of a press company (Thairath Newspaper). In this study, research data are collected though survey by the total number of 135 questionnaires. Then further analysis to study the relationship between each variable. The result of the analysis shown, that there is no relationship between employee attribution and CSR, while there is a relationship between CSR and organization commitment, and organization performance. Another finding is there is no relationship between CSR and employee motivation. The strongest relationship between variable belongs to CSR and organization commitment with Pearson Correlation at 0.73. Keywords- Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Attribution of Firm Motive Behind CSR, Organizational Commitment, Motivation, and Organization Performance.