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Educational Efficiency at Universities in the Covid-19 Process and the Example of Turkey

Abstract - The development of technology and the diversification of communication methods have created rapid changesin the dynamics of business and social life. While the ways of doing business in business life and the methods of reaching the end consumer or user of the product and service differ, on the other hand a situation has been encountered in the behavior patterns of individuals and in the processes of mutual interaction, far from the habits of the past years in social life. Especially with the completion of the adaptation process in a very short period of time that a reality independent of the time and place created by internet technologies, the opportunity to reach the produced content and information from different platforms has emerged. The existence of this situation, which can be defined as new media from a wide perspective, has enabled almost all buyers and senders or producers and consumers to communicate with each other simultaneously. This new order has affected all the countries of the world and all the sectors in business life there. The pandemic,announced by the World Health Organization in March 2020, hasaccelerated the digitalization process even more. The education sector has also been one of the sectors most affected by the reflections of this digitalization. In this paper, a researchconducted on the distance education methods implemented in universities in Turkey and the advantage of university students in terms of efficiency during the pandemic process, and the obtained data were analyzed from different perspectives. Keywords - Education, Covid-19, University, Efficiency, E-Learning.