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The Effects of on line Gamified Activities on Engineering Students’ Performance in an Online Course

The use of gamification as a learning tool is a promising approach due to the games' power to build on students‟ learning and skills. Therefore, the purpose of this paper was to investigate the use and effect of gamified activities on engineering students‟ performance. There are(n=282) students who participated in this research in a higher education college. This study uses quantitative data from gamified activities and achievement test. The data from the gamified activities were analyzed using descriptive statistics (Frequencies), and data from achievement test were analyzed using a Pearson Correlation tool. The results indicated that students‟ participation percentage in gamified activities differed from one activity to another. The gamified activities positively affected on students‟ performance. It is recommended to use more applications and game design elements to investigate the impact of gamification on student learning and engagement. Keywords - Gamified Activities, E-learning, Online Course, Performance, Students‟ Engagement