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Teachers' Global Competence In Leadership and Professional Development: A Pathway to Global Citizenship Education

While Global citizenship education is an emerging field that has increased in popularity in recent years as the concept of global competence gained ground in academic circles. Global citizenship education generally aims to increase intercultural understanding through the study of contemporary global challenges. This study adopts a qualitative method with an interpretive approach in which a case study was used to investigate the duties and responsibilities of participants in Swinburne Vietnam's Global Citizen Program. The study comprised observations and analysis of the course curriculum, syllabus, and students' assignments, in addition to in-depth interviews with ten teachers in the program. The study's findings underline the continued need for training teachers of courses related to global studies, including leadership skills and professional development. As a result, a framework for improving students' global competency in the context of Vietnam was devised, which can be applied to emerging countries. Keywords - Global Citizenship Education; Teachers' Leadership; Professional Development