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Students’ Perception of Acquired Competencies in a Music University, a Comparative Evaluation Between Full Time and Distance Education Systems

This paper provides results on the level of assimilation of certain skills specific to the field of music through comparative assessment of the skills acquired by students from the National Academy Gheorghe Dima of Music in Cluj, who attended the same university study programs in full-time and distance education systems. The research was based on a questionnaire conducted among 60 students, investigating the level of assimilation of musical skills in the artistic, theoretical and methodological field. On the basis of the students‟ self-assessment regarding the level of acquired competencies, we obtained data processed with descriptive statistics in the SPSS environment. The results that were taken into account were those that determined significant improvements or changes to the curriculum of teaching methods. The comparative analysis revealed the efficiency of the distance education system in the practical sphere, the students developed competencies directed towards the use of instruments and the leadership of musical groups, the interest and the motivation for the theoretical sphere being obviously favorable for the full-time students. The results can serve as a guide for educators who investigate how to improve students‟ competencies, as well as a motivation for the university to identify valid solutions in distance education system. Keywords - Assessment, Competencies, Music Education, Qualification