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“Navigating the Tangled Web of Identity Crisis in Mahesh Dattani’s Seven Steps Around the Fire”

Indian playwright Mahesh Dattani has been named one of the leadingand finest contemporary serious Indian playwrights in English by the International Harald Tribune.The identity problem in Mahesh Dattani's play Seven Steps Around the Fire is examined in the present article. The playis the most well-known radio play that centers around the issues of transgender and their identity. He attempts to portray the Hijras and expose their challenges through his radio play. He also emphasizes how it is considered lucky to have a transgender person at a wedding and childbirth even though they are not allowed to wed legally. Additionally, he draws attention to the fact that the community has considerable resistance towards the third gender because they are denied numerous privileges and frequently face discrimination. Society denies these hapless souls access to emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. Many scholars and thinkers have tried to address the issue faced by transgender people in our community. Keywords - Hijra, discrimination, identity crisis, transgender