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The Risk of Marine Pollution Sourced by Maritime Transportation In the Aquaculture Industry

The aquacultureindustry is increasingly generating both financial income and employment for countries around the world. In this context, Turkey plays an important role, especially through the establishment of fish farms in the Eastern Black Sea region. However, the biggest risk facing this growing industry is marine pollution. A potential marine accident and subsequent oil pollution could lead to the sudden destruction of this industry on a large scale. This study aims to demonstrate not only the devastation that a potential oil pollution event could cause in the marine environment but also the extent of damage it could inflict on the industries established along the coast. For this purpose, a scenario of an accident that could occur on the sea traffic routes in the Eastern Black Sea has been created, and as a result, it has been determined through the Potential Incident Simulation and Evaluation System (PISCES) how long it would take for an oil pollution event to reach the fish farms established by Turkey in the Eastern Black Sea and the magnitude of the damage it could cause. Keywords - Marine Environment, Maritime Transportation, Oil Pollution, Black Sea, Aquaculture, PISCES.