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Study on Collaboration Between Fashion Brands and Digital Games with the Aim of Expanding the Range of Audiences

The aim of current research is to identify and study the effects of collaboration between the fashion industry and digital games as an innovative approach to increase the rage of audiences in terms of age, cultural and social class. The case study in this research is cooperation between Louis Vuitton fashion brand and the League of Legends digital game. This research is applied research, and the research plan is descriptive- analytical and the data collection is documentary and library resources. By finding the connection between the lifestyle of the younger generation and digital games and the fashion industry, the importance of innovative approaches like this collaboration to increase the dominance of the audience can be achieved. The results in this research indicate that the cooperation of two industries can lead to increase the awareness and general understanding of the audience. Since the audience of the Louis Vuitton fashion brand is different from the League of Legends digital game, this collaboration has contributed to merging of their audiences. Keywords - Fashion industry, Digital fashion, Digital games, Louis Vuitton, League of Legends