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Listening to A Political Crisis or Political Cartoon: India’s Constitutional Amendment Bill

This abstract explores the relationship between political cartoons, national branding, and social listening in the context of crises. It emphasizes the concept of social listening as a form of visual listening used by brands to analyze images that are relevant to their positioning in the market. Similarly, nations can gain insights into global perceptions, preferences, threats, and opportunities through the analysis of political cartoons. The abstract highlights the emotional and influential nature of cartoons, their ability to simplify complex situations, and the visceral reactions they can evoke. It also discusses the role of editorial cartoonists in informing, explaining, and persuading audiences. The abstract then delves into the historical context of India and its relationship with Arabs, the impact of British colonial rule, and the Hindu-Muslim divide leading up to the partition of India in 1947. It touches on the violence and dislocation caused by the partition and subsequent border conflicts. The abstract concludes with a mention of the 2019 Constitutional Amendment Act in India, which reflects the growing influence of Hindu nationalism. Overall, this abstract provides an overview of the topics covered in the paper, highlighting the significance of political cartoons in understanding national branding and the dynamics of crises Keywords - Political Cartoons, Crises, Social Listening, National Branding, Visual Listening, Visual Listening, Political Crisis, Social Thinking