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How does an Organizational Structure Create a Breeding Ground for Destructive Leadership? A Reflection Based on Peter Drucker's Systems View of Management

This study aims at enhancing the harmonious role of leadership and management within organizations to achieve results. Specifically, I have explored the detrimental effect of the leadership process that does not take place in performing and responsible management. Drawing from the insights of Peter Drucker and Thoroughgood et al.'s studies on management and destructive leadership, I have proposed a conceptual framework comprising two figures. The first figure outlines the key pillars of a performing structure as an integral part of management viewed as a system. The second figure highlights how these pillars can create an environment conducive to destructive leadership when they go wrong by strengthening the role of toxic, flawed, or ineffective leaders while making followers more susceptible to their influence.The research shows that while nothing can deter destructive leadership from emerging, a performing structure canprevent its developmentand harmful impact within organizations.