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Community-Based Radio As Tool For Rural Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Bauchi State Community-Based Fm Stations

The idea of setting up the 10 community-based FM stations in Bauchi State initiated in 2012 is considered as a bridge building process that brings different people of the state closer to radio programmes than in the days when only the mother Bauchi Radio Corporation station was there to serve the entire State. The establishment of the FM stations, therefore, is intended to help in rural development through raising the level of awareness of the rural people on government policies, as well as national and international events and issues. This study sought to find out whether the FM stations have contributed in educating rural dwellers on development issues, especially those that affect the vulnerable group of people in the rural areas. The study discovered that the FM stations have significant contribution in bringing government closer to the people and raising the awareness of the rural dwellers towards rural development. Keywords- Community-based Radio, Rural Development